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NSPCC National Number Day

SPPS took part in National Number Day on Friday 5th February. It was a great day! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. We raised £433.00. All donations will go to NSPCC. Children took part in Maths fancy dress costumes and there were Maths quizzes throughout the day.

 Winners of most creative Maths fancy dress costumes are:

Ruby Sapphire Emerald  
Gayathri Amaan Khadija  
Jaguar Tiger Leopard  
Sumayyah Aaron Zakir  
Maple Oak Beech Willow
Nabiha Aimal Mohid Aaminah
Jupiter Saturn Mercury Neptune
Malikah Esha Ibrahim Iqra
Thames Danube Nile Amazon
Tisha Tanvir Summer Zahra
Eiger Everest Fuji Snowdon
Melisa Ruqayyah Roshaan Frankie & Aiza

Following children won the Maths Quiz in their classes and went on to compete in the Year Group Quizzes


Sapphire Emerald Ruby  
Ilker Mustafa Harjod  
Hiba Kavinash Rahul  
Jaguar Tiger Leopard  
Ajai Abdurahman Rithika  
Aima Zaara Hamza  
Beech Maple Willow Oak
Moazzan Charvi Hasan Hashim
Saturn Mercury Neptune Jupiter
Akshajan Abinash Zara Moeed
Danube Nile Amazon Thames
Joy Abeer Nihisha Aqsa
Everest Snowdon Eiger Fuji
Qasim Raees Haroon Harram


Year 1 vs Year 2

Year 3 vs Yaer 4

Year 5 vs Year 6

 And the winning teams were Year 1, Year 3 and Year 6


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